Teens Empowerment Awareness with ResolutionS, Inc.

BRIDGES Shelter for Girls

BRIDGES (Building Responsible Individuals through Deliberate Guidance Empowerment and Support) Girls Shelter provides emergency living accommodation for runaway and/or homeless female youth ages 13 to 17 years old.

Youth Mentor Program

Match adults with youth who can benefit from positive adult role models and support. Mentors may work with youth one- on- one or in a group setting.

Teens in Action

A youth development initiative that challenges students in grades 8 through 12 to form partnerships with volunteers, business leaders, local governments, and other organizations. In return, they are challenged to become leaders in their communities, in their personal development, and in the development of their peers.

Martial Arts

In Memory of Master Marvin “Tiger” James TAE KWON DO for youth that are having issues with self control, discipline,anger, or lack of self esteem.

Creative Dance

Poetry in Motion with Passion encourages youth to use dance as silent poetry by teaching dance skills to help promote a positive self image, enhance character, motivate themselves and their fellow peers to make the most of their potential both as a student leader and as a young adult.

Positive Peers

Support group for youth choosing abstinence and positive choices. They support each other while learning additional refusal and life skills to help them maintain and enhance their life and community.